FSA Approved Venison


As the Only approved venison producer in South Devon we provide both chefs and retailers locally with wild Venison carrying the internationally recognised EU 2661 UK meat stamp. 

What does this mean?

This food quality mark provides an assurance of food safety and traceability guaranteeing compliance with all relevant UK food legislation. 

Every carcass we produce has been inspected by an FSA Veterinary Officer. Weekly inspections and the auditing of our working practices are closely observed and tightly regulated.

Traceability Guarantee

Every carcass we accept into our approved facility carries an ID tag. This details where and when the animal was harvested, who dispatched the animal including their " trained hunter number" and a signed declaration that the animal was in good health when it was culled, with no abnormalities present. Each tag has a unique serial number, which provides an identity for the animal and stays with it all the way through the process . This number allows us to trace any venison back to the animal it came from and the exact area from which it was harvested, as part of a sustainable wild deer cull.

The accuracy and detail of this traceability is a fundamental part of the FSA approval inspections and because of this we can guarantee the quality and provenance of all our venison. 

“Philip Warren butchers are proud to be working with Wild Hart Venison to offer their product to our customers. We demand a very high level of quality and consistency and Wild Hart delivers this every time.” Ian Warren”


“Wild Hart venison, consistently the best and with a service a chef can rely on they're the only option for the Michelin starred Treby Arms Devon”

Anton Piotrowski

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